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The Guarantor Lenders List is a directory comparing direct Guarantor loan lenders. We have partnered some of the biggest Guarantor lenders in the market and our site lets you to analyse and compare the many direct lenders available to find the best lender that fits your needs. When consumers are searching and comparing Guarantor loan lenders, they are usually looking to get a loan of up to £10,000 which is the limit most Guarantor loan lenders offer and repaid over a fixed term which is usually over a 5 year period. Searching for a direct Guarantor lender can be a battle to determine who are direct lenders, who are brokers and trying to find the best rates but if you use The Lenders List comparison site we only list direct lenders and we hope consumers will look around to try and find the best rate and this could be rewarded by saving money by applying with a low APR lender. Research all the lenders available and don’t always just apply with the first lender you visit as there could be another lender who could offer you a better deal.

The great thing about of using The Guarantor Lenders List is that we believe in only working with direct lenders. We have researched and verified that the lenders we list are genuine direct Guarantor lenders who have permission to lends funds by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The Guarantor lenders sometimes have a policy where they may not be able to fund you a loan for whatever reason and they may pass your details on to other companies may from time to time they can only do this with your authorisation and if you want this to be stopped please contact the initial lender you applied with. The Lenders List we know that for you to be looking for Guarantor loan you could be in an emergency situation or looking to make improvements to your home or even splashing out for a car but what we do is cut out the brokers so you can save money on potential fees and save you time looking for direct Guarantor lenders. We at The Lenders List believe there are far too many brokers giving the impression they are direct lenders when really you could be paying for a service to get paired up with a lender which is something you can do yourself by doing a bit of research for free. Brokers are also ready to pass on your details to further third companies which we may already list on our site so save yourself time and browse our list of direct Guarantor lenders.

Thing’s To Consider When Comparing Guarantor Loans

Always do research as there are lots of things to take in to consideration when comparing Guarantor loans. First thing you should be looking for is APR that the lender is offering. The APR is the amount of interest that is charged for the loan you have taken and this rate will vary between lenders so always look around to see who has the lowest APR and this can save you money in the long run choosing one lender over another. Guarantor lenders typically loans funds from 6 month to 5 years so it is best to evaluate how much needs to be paid back over the set period of your choice and if this is affordable. Usually the longer you borrow for the more that needs to be paid back in interest so always look to see if you can clear the balance as early as possible to save money in the long run. but if this is difficult always make sure you meet the original repayment agreement. Another thing to consider is always be aware of the implications of when payments are late or missed, Guarantor lenders will do everything in their power to help you if you face difficulty but if a resolution can not be found this can impact on your credit file and even worse effect your guarantors credit history and if the lender has to start legal proceedings the problems can worsen so always speak to the lender about any issues and because all the lenders are governed by the FCA they have to look at the best way forward and come to a suitable resolution to any matters.

Compare No Credit Check Guarantor Loans

We found that no credit check Guarantor loan lenders is a term that is looked for alot in search engines such as Bing and Google. It is likely you will not be credit checked at all but because this a Guarantor loan the Guarantor will be credit checked on your behalf as they become responsible if you can’t pay back your loan. Poor credit history affects a number of people and this could be issues faced in the past when you may have been accepted for credit and perhaps of defaulted. Credit checks are conducted to safe guard the lender and help make informed decisions on an applicant as they do not want any one to fall in to further debt or give a loan that is not viable based on your income to pay back even though the credit check is done on the Guarantor the lenders will be checking to see you will not put that person in any financial trouble for you not paying. Guarantor lenders have the power to take you to court or pass the debt on to other companies if the loan is not being paid so always look to pay back the loan as soon as possible as the consequences could be bad for you and your Guarantor mainly.

Compare UK Guarantor Loans Lenders

Comparing UK Guarantor loan companies is an important factor when looking for a Guarantor loan. We at The Lenders List have checked and verified that all lenders featured are registered businesses in the United Kingdom and all lenders have an FCA license to be able to trade loan products legally. When searching for Guarantor loans there is a chance some foreign sites may filter through on your search and what you will find is that you will be filling out details and it will come to a point you can’t put in some UK details as you don’t reside in that territory so you have just wasted time applying for a loan that will never be accepted. Also applying through foreign sites or unregulated sites what tends to happen is they will submit your details to third party companies resulting in spam texts and email saving time and effort.